25 April 2017

Touhou Treasured Dance Performance version 1.50 has been released! See the project page for the download!

東方宝演舞 v1.50 リリースされましたー!ダウンロードリンクはダプロジェクトページにあります。

22 April 2017

I have an announcement to make. Due to lack of time, Touhou – Treasured Dance Performance, version had to be split up. I couldn’t make it on time for Reitaisai. This will lead into two versions with major differences in between:

Before Reitaisai ver1.5 will be released → Has the continue system and other changes
After Reitaisai ver2.0 → Will contain Last Word and perhaps other extra content

お知らせがあります。自作シューティングゲーム「東方宝演舞」のver更新が例大祭に間に合いそうにありません。 申し訳ありません。更新予定は↓の通りです